Improve Your Quiet Time

If you are a follower of Jesus, then having a quiet time is something you do. It’s part of who you are as His follower. It’s a time for Him to talk to you through His Word and a time for you to talk to Him in prayer.

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I’m an advocate of a morning quiet time. It’s gets the day started right by filling your soul with His powerful word, leaving your burdens with Him, and humbling yourself, letting Him lead the way.

God’s Word is not boring, but sometimes this discipline could use some variety. One thing I started a few years ago is scripture writing. When I write scripture, it calms me and the truth of scripture seems to magnify before me.

You can add this practice to your quiet time simply choosing passages in the Bible  to write. But, there are some great minds out there that have made it super easy by compiling lists of scripture by the month. Just google “scripture writing” and you will find the options. Once you find one that appeals to you, make a copy, and get your notebook and pen and you’ll be ready to start this new adventure with scripture.

So let me tell you how I use scripture writing.

  • I find the passage in the Bible and I read it, sometimes out loud.
  • Then I write the scripture passage in the notebook. As I write, I try to absorb the words and meaning.
  • Often, I place my name where there are personal pronouns. This personalizes it for me.
  • I look for key words such as repeated words, words that describe the human heart, words that describe God’s heart, a command, a list, action words, consequences or a promise and more.
  • I circle, underline, make squiggly markings around these elements. I write out beside the scriptures any question the scripture prompts.
  • After “diagramming” the passage I may write out a prayer based on the passage.

This entire process, takes only a few minutes. By the time I’m finished, God’s spoken  through the passage and the activity of prayer follows easily. Sometimes I make the scripture passage the beginning of my prayer time. The scripture writing I’ve used most recently is here.

Having a morning quiet time is a day by day spiritual discipline which involves you interacting with our holy God. This brings assurance He will be with you all day and guide you in His way. Beyond transforming your mind, your life will bring more honor and glory to Him because you met with Him. This is the best purpose I know for having a quiet time.

The secret to a happy life is giving God the first part of your day, the first priority to every decision and the first place in your heart.


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