The Leaves are Turning

As I scrolled my Facebook newsfeed this morning, two posts were about this season of the year. One was from a New England friend. She had shared a picture of a parkway lined with vividly colored trees. Another post, from a Mississippi friend, offered a view of some trees in the background with a bit of fall color on them. But at the forefront of the picture were rose and azalea bushes blooming. She marveled at the Mississippi Fall as she called it.


Yesterday, I went to visit my mother at the assisted living. As I pulled into the parking lot, I was pleasantly surprised by the color on the trees. The surrounding neighborhood streets were speckled with color as well. The colorful scenery served as inspiration for an activity I could do with my mother.

I mentioned going on a stroll outside when I greeted her. Soon, we ventured out onto the property to admire the beauty of creation.

My mother struggled to make out the color on the trees that I was pointing out. Her limited vision was blurring it, but I soon realized, she found another way to make our outing worthy. She was able to look on the ground and make out the shapes of the leaves against the asphalt. After that, we began collecting leaves, and she could see the color on each of those leaves better. Later, we strolled inside to the elegantly decorated lobby. We concluded our time together taking pictures with pumpkins and mums on display outside.

Yes, the leaves are turning!

Mississippi certainly is not void of beauty, and I would not want you to get that idea. This time of year can hold a variety of temperatures, and sometimes the flower bushes bloom again. We have a gardenia bush that is blooming now. While it may seem strange, we can take in the peculiar timing and embrace the beauty. We get excited here when a jacket or coat is needed as we head outside. We enjoy the hot chocolate, the first fire in the fireplace, and roasted marshmallows. Let’s not forget the abundance of fall festivals in most communities!

Knowing the cooler temps may not last, or that a storm may come and rip the leaves to the ground, we appreciate the little joys. No matter what Fall or Autumn is doing in your area, each day is important and worthy of not just observing, but living.

©Valerie Rumfelt