Good Luck?

Most people going throughout their day will hear someone use the phrase, “good luck”.IMG_1828

Just today, I heard someone say this in regard to some situation. Later I  heard a character in a movie say it. It’s common, and a phrase that’s been around a long time and used by pretty much everyone.

Have you ever thought about what luck is? Some would say it is good fortune, something special that happens that makes a situation better, some kind of favor. Webster defines luck this way: success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through ones’ own actions.

As a believer in Jesus, I’ve chosen never to use this phrase.

It seems to be a phrase that deletes God from the situation. People at times aren’t compelled to give God credit in their life. Maybe they don’t know Him personally, yet.

Some followers of Jesus may not give Him credit because they feel bad for being blessed when someone near them may be suffering. That is wrong thinking, but a different topic.

Other followers of Jesus may just say it because they’ve always said it. Maybe this writing can enlighten that person.

One might hear, “I got lucky” as if there was a chance involved and their chance came.

The way I see it, luck leaves God out of some rather large situations in life. You never hear people say, “good luck doing your laundry” or “good luck painting your nails.” No. Luck is invoked on big situations like making a deal, opening a business, or going to court. Would having the ability to purchase a vehicle, or closing on a lovely home really be attributed to luck? How about finding out you don’t have a medical condition? To invoke luck in so many big situations seems to me to be prideful.

So why is acknowledging the One from whom all blessings flow appropriate?

  • it gives you an opportunity to practice humility
  • it’s an effective witness to those around you
  • God honors those who honor Him

 I’m certain my perception of His wonderful works is missed at times. However, at other times, His transforming power in my life is palpable, and the application of His gifts in my life is not lost on me. I know how changed I am because of Him. Giving luck the credit for this supernatural transaction, or any other external, earthly situation makes no sense.

The Bible is clear in Matthew 7:11 that God the Father desires to give good gifts to His children. So why can’t we instantly thank Him when good comes our way? James 1:17 states that every gift comes from the Father. The idea that anything good happening to a Christian is good luck, happenstance, or because all the planets aligned is just not intelligent. It also makes light of the gift that God so graciously sent your way, whatever it may be.

Recently, I saw a post that said, “I’m not lucky, you have no idea how much I prayed.”  People like this live a life of prayer and when good things come their way, they readily and eagerly give praise to their loving Father. It never enters their mind to think they were lucky.

So the next time you hear another Christian use “Good Luck”, why not gently remind them you know God was the one who gave the good thing. Let’s quit letting this tiny phrase steal opportunities to praise our Lord and give Him the credit He deserves.

4 thoughts on “Good Luck?

  1. Amen. Every good and perfect gift is from above! I don't like the term “good luck” either and practice not using it. Also if people tell me I'm lucky, I say no, I'm blessed! Stephanie


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