Snow of Wonder

Last Friday, Dec. 8th was a day of surprise and wonder as some Mississippians woke up to snow. Typically, on a rare year, we might get a few snow flurries, a dusting, and maybe an inch or two that would be gone by noon. This is not what happened.

After a forecast of snow the night before, I decided when I woke to head outside to see if the unbelievable had happened. I was outside around the 6 am hour and I knew then it had. Snow was coming down. It was falling on a ground already covered with it! That rarity had occurred in the dark of night and that knowledge carried with it an excitement like receiving a great gift! Feeling the flakes tap my face and blinking in wonder and awe, the snow came pouring out of the sky at a thicker and more rapid pace. As if Someone had turned a bucket of snow over and it was falling into my world, my joy was profound. It was a wonder!

This would be the beginning of a day filled with wonder and great joy. As one who lived in Canada for about a year and Rhode Island for 11 years, I know what snow looks like. This snow was not something ever expected here. Temperatures had been in the high 60’s to low 70’s just a few days prior.

My memories of snow were made elsewhere and that was a fact I accepted after we moved here a few years ago. The surprise of this snowfall and its beauty in this southern state will not be forgotten very soon. I’m not going to cover it in words but in pictures. As you look at them, remember, this is Mississippi.
Snow of Wonder


The ladies that day at Buried Treasures Home


Snow of Wonder

My then 86 year old mother. The wonder of it all wasn’t lost on her.