How to Have a Happy New Year!

For much of the country, it is cold outside. It seems fitting since it is winter on this continent. In Mississippi, it is one of a few days that should you own one, you could actually wear a winter coat, and perhaps scarf and gloves too. While most here might prefer days where a flannel shirt is adequate, we exist at this moment in the winter feel that begs for more covering and shelter. And what’s this?
A new year is here!
and on a Monday of all things!
My scripture writing this morning out of Isaiah 43 spoke of the idea of a new thing, a plea for me to perceive it,
new ways,
no more ruts,
look hard, yes,
I can see it.
That my friends is hope in the Lord.


picture by Karen Balko

So, as we sit here at the edge of a fresh year, what are your hopes, to whom are they in? There is a song(see below) that speaks of putting our hope in YOU LORD all the day long. There’s a myriad of Bible verses on the topic as well.
So, as we begin this year, and I do like a slow, gradual start, I’m reminded of a quote I just read from a missions magazine…
“We often mistake the edge of the rut for the horizon.”
Please Lord, help me not make that mistake.
It is God that makes the new way.
So, if you are tired of the same, and tired of your ways, then you’re ready for God to show you a new path.
There’s nothing magic about a new year. God, the Creator of time as we know it now, has shown that He is very much concerned about the daily. But, for some reason, on this planet, we celebrate this passage of time.
Truly, it does call us to re-evaluate and set new goals and hopes. As I’m writing this, a message came on our ministry page from someone saying they plan to pray for Buried Treasures Home in 2018. That person is setting a worthy spiritual goal for the year and is an example of what can be done if Christians put their hope in God all the day long. Happy New Year!

Enjoy, a song for you~

©Valerie Rumfelt