The Serenity Prayer

ouHave you ever wanted to be someone else? We all have, that is until we see some glaring flaw or learn more about the persons story.
Perspective has a way of helping us accept our reality.
Certainly, through personal growth and sanctification that only Christ Jesus brings, there are struggles learning to embrace who we are and our purpose. We grapple with accepting the reality of our lives as they are, not as we wish them to be.
Have you ever seen the entire Serenity Prayer?
The shortened mass marketed one, seen in every bookstore, on every card table at garage sales, in thrift stores, and inscribed on mugs across the world, is only a portion of this reflective and meditative prayer. I learned about the full prayer when Celebrate Recovery was introduced into my life a few years ago.
The prayers’ author is Rienhold Nieburh and according to his daughter, Elisabeth Sifton, she describes her father as a deeply committed Christian, and social activist. She asserts that he also was an evangelical who believed not so much in liturgical prayers, but prayers that were motivated by the Spirit.
The prayer was not intentionally written for addicts, as it is now mostly applied in our modern times. Alcoholics Anonymous adapted the prayer, but only the first portion of it. Celebrate Recovery has  the prayer, in its entirety, in the front of its books.
A significant discovery I made when exposed to it was that the prayer gives honor to Jesus. Jesus is the only One that can understand our human suffering. Likewise, He’s the only One who can bring good from the suffering, though this does require our cooperation through surrender.

You may enjoy this interview from Nieburh’s daughter from a few years back.
Perhaps this prayer can serve as a tool for your walk with the Lord. It is not scripture, though scripture can be applied to the principles mentioned. It is not magical, and carries no power. But it can serve as a reminder of our humanity. Certainly it clarifies who our Higher Power is, or may I say, who the Highest power is.

His precious name is Jesus.

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