4 Phrases That Changed My Life

door at C.S. Lewis home 

Even though we exist in a technology driven society, we are still impacted by people, and more specifically the words that people say.

A couple of weeks ago, the idea of writing about some of these words crossed my path. So in this blog, I will cover 4 things people said that have changed my life. Here I go…
“Honey, if we knew it all, we couldn’t stand it!” – I remember standing in a living room of one of my mother’s friends when I heard this. It’s like yesterday, my tall mother and her tall friend chatting a way, and my little self, paying attention. I was a curious child. They must’ve been talking about something terrible that had occurred because the question that swirled in my head and was soon asked, was about why couldn’t God let us know things. This phrase was my mother’s friends answer. I didn’t understand it then, but the length of her years walking with God prepared her to answer me. Her answer to me was indelibly traced in my mind, and is an active concept to me. The phrase points to God’s wisdom in all things, and His protection of our emotions, and His requirement for us to trust Him.
“Faith is not a feeling” –  At a meeting of Campus Crusade for Christ in college was when I first heard this. The speaker introduced this idea and although it didn’t impact my life fully then, it is a concept that’s been repeated throughout my life. Truly faith and feelings can rarely coexist. This is proven every time God presents a challenge for us as believers. We may feel many things, but those emotions have nothing to do with saying Yes to God. Obedience is the gateway to joy.

“Go do something normal” – Surely we all have times where we just don’t feel our typical way. We could be confused, fearful, uncertain, plagued by doubt. Sometimes we aren’t sure what we are feeling. Anytime this happens, it’s good to find the familiar, call a friend, brush your teeth.

At times, this angst comes at night and this can lead to too few hours of sleep. Don’t stay in bed in the dark of night, get up and do something normal. It was my husband that suggested this mental health tip. The search for peace in the night can be a lonely one.

As much as we’d all like to sleep through every night, there are times this is just not going to happen for a million different reasons. Instead of longing for tranquility, get out of bed and “go do something normal”.

“You can’t go with God and stay where you are” – It was at a marriage conference at Ridgecrest Conference Center in North Carolina that I heard Henry Blackaby utter these profound words. There are times when God is calling a follower of His to do something. If you don’t do it, then you’ve decided to stay where you are. When you do this, you miss the joy of the follower, plus the regret of your no. Sometimes these calls from God require an address change. Sometimes they require courage to speak, the decision to let go, the tenacity to face the hill and begin, or maybe to change your schedule.

Going with God could be obediently staying where you are when you really want to leave. Going with God is staying in step with His spirit. It’s an adventure. It is irrevocable. If, you miss it, well, you’ve missed it. Gone forever.

That is sobering.

Do you have some things that people have said to you that still impact your life as the years clip on by? Words are powerful. Use them wisely.
More words that changed my life…in the next blog.

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