Why a blog?

IMG_4009I’ve waited most of my life to write with any intentionality. Never recognizing the God given gift, I only wrote when inspired and generally, it took the form of poetry. There’s certainly nothing wrong with poetry, but this blog hopefully will be writing, not verse or ballad, but a more articulate style without rhythm. Occasionally, a poem may appear. It’s been a long time coming, the intentionality for writing. Years of timidity, denying the gift, not understanding how to use it prevailed. Thankfully, through a series of circumstances, I feel led to start this blog. Perhaps you will read about some of those twists and turns. It is fun to launch this activity and see where God takes it. A true writer will write even when no one is reading. Therefore, if no one shows up to read, there will still be an expression here that will be enjoyed. I do hope you will let me know that you dropped by. My desire is that something you read here will bless you and bring glory to my audience of One.

©Valerie Rumfelt

2 thoughts on “Why a blog?”

  1. I have enjoyed your writings. The biscuit maker brought back sweet child hood memories.
    I hope to read a couple of your poems.


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