Heaven on Monday

Have you seen the movie “I Can Only Imagine”? It’s been out a few days and already exceeded expectations. Christians should attend faith-based films. This weekend the ladies of Buried Treasures Home(https://www.buriedtreasureshome.com/) went to see it.

The volunteer who took them shared the impact the movie had on them. Her observation caused me to do some research over the weekend. My findings on YouTube have likely had a similar impact on me as the movie did on them. So much so, I decided today I’d share some of my research with the ladies.

Do you know about the song Dennis Quaid wrote 25 years ago? I didn’t know Dennis was a musician! One interview indicated he couldn’t finish the song at the time, but since being part of the movie cast, he found the inspiration to complete the song. The title of his song is “On My Way to Heaven.”

Based on my small test audience with the ladies of Buried Treasures Home today, I predict the song has a long future. Watching Dennis Quaid on video sing, his song touched a tender spot in all of us.

It is a song of hope because of Redemption, which only comes through Jesus. I believe it reminded the ladies they are all now “in Christ,” and they, too, are on their way to Heaven.

For a moment, it made the journey here on earth a bit lighter. For a Monday, here on planet earth, it’s the best news.

Enjoy the song here: On My Way To Heaven

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  1. Beautiful words Mrs. Valerie,
    Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom with women across the world. You are an inspiration to many and making life on earth feel joyful during their journey.


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