Why I read Mission Mosaic magazine

Do  you know about the publication called Mission Mosaic? Inside its pages is an abundance of news happening on the mission fields. Mind you, this is the works of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, among Southern Baptists.

When I read this publication, I feel proud to be a Southern Baptist. But much more than that, it thrills my heart to see, through the articles, about what God is doing. The ideas the missionaries come up with to minister in this dark world are amazing.thN4O2F7H4

Just today I read about a new Christian in Africa that’s been meeting with the missionary there. Now, this man is willing to walk two hours each Sunday to teach a small group of believers. WALK TWO HOURS TO CHURCH? Wow, the American church needs to hear the sacrifice new believers are willing to make in other parts of the world for the sake of Jesus. Something surely is wrong with our Sunday mentality here.

Then I read about a chaplain to our military that hosts apologetics panels for soldiers interested in Christianity. Within this system he is focused on sharing the gospel. Each month he gets to see many soldiers receive Christ and get baptised in front of their peers! With soldiers claiming they follow Islam, Wicca, or who are in an environment that is accepting of pornography, this is truly light shining in the darkness.

You may think that this publication is only about missionaries. But it’s not. This is about every day people in our local churches extending the hand of Jesus into their communities. We see regular, Jesus following Christians reporting on assisting widows, adopting children, visiting those in prison, bringing cheer to a police precinct, sewing after surgery pillows, assisting in blind ministries, helping veterans, and on it goes.

This magazine also gives the reader specific prayer requests and lists the missionaries that have birthdays for that month. Ideas are given in sections like Mission Medley and Into the Word that show us real life, practical ways we as individuals or as a mission group can go into our local mission fields. The ideas are divine and realistic. They make you think “I can do that!”.

This is worthwhile information that you won’t hear on the news. These happenings are being done in the name of Jesus. These people do these works because they love Jesus.

If you would like a subscription to this eternally focused magazine, go to http://www.wmustore.com.

©Valerie Rumfelt