Easter 2018

Easter was yesterday or should I say that Christians celebrated what Jesus did on the cross and His resurrection yesterday. If you are a faithful follower of Jesus, waking up each day is a reminder of God’s resurrection in your life. He has given each Christ follower a plan and it is up to us to intentionally see that plan happens by His help, grace, and power each and every day. When my church sang Christ Arose and the orchestra played Were You There, that was moving and reflective. Then, after the sermon, we joined in great hope singing Because He Lives.  By this time, my heart leaped with joy and gratitude. Thank God for music to interpret our souls song! What more do we Christians need to stay motivated so as to execute the wonderful, individual plan that our Lord has for each of us?

Having been so moved throughout the entire service, it was our joy to walk up in front of a packed church to pray for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. My husband and I held hands as we approached the pulpit and held hands the entire time we prayed as each of us attempted to voice our gratitude to our Savior for missions, Annie Armstrong’s legacy, Buried Treasures Home, and to thank Him for what we were celebrating that day and to whom we were directing our prayer. It was overwhelming, to say the least.

One of the past Buried Treasures Home ladies was featured in a video testimony in the service. And thankfully, another past Buried Treasures Home lady joined us for lunch at the home. To be able to worship with our local body of believers, one that we love and pray for, to see some fruit from our labor at Buried Treasures Home, and to give God the glory, plus rejoicing  in the empty tomb, well, that was Easter 2018 for me.  The link below has the service in its entirety. Please share how Easter was celebrated for you.


Weekapaug, RI

©Valerie Rumfelt

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