Simple Homemade Cranberry Sauce

You’ll never buy canned cranberry sauce again and tastes so good.

We’re two days away from the wonderful American holiday of Thanksgiving. Maybe you’re headed to a friend’s home or your family for the Thanksgiving feast. Are they expecting you to bring something?

The time it takes for you to pick up rolls from the store is about how long it will take to make this sauce, and it will impress everyone at the table. To say it is better than the canned product is an understatement! And, you’ll be taking something homemade to your gathering.  So here’s how you make it.
You’ll need:

1 bag of cranberries

3/4 – 1 cup light brown sugar

1 cup of water


  • In a pot, add the water and let it come to a boil. This takes about a minute.
    Add the cranberries and cover with the pot lid.
  • Turn down the heat from high to between low to medium. You’ll begin to hear pops. This is the cranberries breaking up to make a sauce.
  • In a few minutes, stir the pot of cranberries and add the brown sugar. Continue stirring.
  • Return lid and let simmer a few minutes.
  • Then, uncover and stir. Mash any still whole cranberries and mash as you stir the entire mixture.
  • Once the mixture is reduced to a shiny, creamy sauce, then pour it into a heatproof dish.
  • Let cool and refrigerate.

Thanksgiving Day: Pull out of the refrigerator.  This will travel well to your destination and can be put in their refrigerator if necessary once you arrive.

Dear Lord, your bounty is abundant beyond measure. When I visit with friends and family this Thanksgiving, help me to share about your love. I can tell my story. No one can argue with it, and sharing stories tears down pretense. Lead the way Lord and help me to be a blessing around the Thanksgiving table this year. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

©Valerie Rumfelt

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