No Excuses Chicken

Healthy eating is a lifestyle for me. Some of you may be starting this lifestyle because of the new year. If you’re looking for an easy recipe that is healthy and satisfying, this one may be for you. I call this No Excuses Chicken because everything needed is purchased at the store and there’s no chopping and no excuses for not having something healthy to eat.

For a long time I’ve enjoyed whole wheat pasta, and chicken is one of my top protein choices most anytime! I eat vegetables often, even breakfast. This recipe passes my checklist for a healthy meal. The pictures are my actual packages and since you literally need only 4 to 5 items to make this meal, it certainly goes in the easy category.


Diced Chicken


Whole Wheat pasta

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper


Put a couple of cups of water on to boil in a pot. Add a bit of salt. Put half the bag of pasta in the water and wait for it to boil. Boil for only a few minutes. Don’t over cook. Drain pasta.

Add  a Tablespoon of olive oil to a pan.

When heated, add the diced chicken and brown. Add the veggies toward the very end so as not to over cook them.

Get a single serving bowl. Add pasta. Drizzle about a teaspoon of olive oil on it. Stir and add the chicken and vegetables on top. Enjoy.

Of course, if you’re cooking for your family, you likely would use half the bag of chicken, the entire package of pasta and vegetables.

This simple, but healthy meal has lots of nutrition, and the ingredients are easy to find. You could add beans to this, or even a white cheese like mozzarella. As is, this is low in fat, high in fiber, nutrient and protein packed meal that is long on flavor and short on time. Enjoy!

Better a small serving of vegetables with love than a fattened calf with hatred. Proverbs 15:17

©Valerie Rumfelt

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6 thoughts on “No Excuses Chicken

  1. Ha!!! This is so eternally perfect!
    This week is “get your kitchen in order” week!
    Yesterday, I found myself in the Kroger parking lot scanning through coupons and getting ready to go in for the ‘umphed 😒time this week. But without going in, I drove right back home. For the first time ever, I took a much needed inventory of everything in my kitchen (fridge, freezer, cabinets, & pantry). My list was 4 pages of – 1/4 sized notepad sheets long. 😲🤦🏼‍♀️
    Fueled by the conviction to my “Making Ever Effort 2019 Revolution” I revolted in my mind NO MORE EXCUSES!
    And Princess Warrior Valerie without you knowing I would come across this, (not because it popped up for me to see it, but I actually had to go to your page to see how to correctly spell Rumfelt for something entirely different.🤭 HA!! ) but Grocery Budgeting and Meal Planning was today’s task.
    I discovered I have all I need to make meals. They’re just not meals I, Juliet am used to making. So, this calls for the delivered addict to guard against now laziness and be more intentional! Today as long as it is called Today, Make Every Effort Princess Warrior!

    As a delivered drug addict since July 6, 2006 I Praise God for that, and the working of His Word in me then, and even now.
    As I “just happened” (yea, right😏) to come by your simple recipe post Today (on-time recipe/word This Day 😉☝️) it was to remind and encourage me that while the Lord IS growing us faith to faith out of our familiar routines, comfortable lifestyles and/or whatever the “norm” is for each, HE does not forsake US Ever! Amazing what spiritual food He delivers through a simple chicken recipe. 🙀😌
    ABBA PAPA IS in the sanctifying business. And therefore WE Praise Your Holy Name!
    HE is and will always send us help, encouragement and confirmation through His Word first, His Holy Spirit (revelation in a parking lot) and sometimes a beautiful SIC’s (SisterInChrist) post of a NO EXCUSE Chicken recipe. Now it’s time to Apply it.
    Love breaking bread 🥖📖 with you Valerie Rumfelt🤗🙌🏼♥️
    Fa’afetai Lava.
    (Thank You Very Much:
    in Samoan).


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