The Carrot Option


It may not be the first food you desire, but if  you’re on a meal plan or always looking for recipes to point you to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, carrots are an option. Carrots are underrated, but maybe we’ve all had the canned version which are soft and pale.

A real carrot has a number of  nutritional benefits. Plus they are a colorful, tasty side dish, and a healthy option at your Thanksgiving celebration, or in your daily meal plan. Try these crock pot carrots…

Step 1 – Purchase a 5 pound bag of carrots. Pass on the baby carrots and get the long carrots.

Step 2 – Place the carrots in a large bowl of water. Drain in a few minutes and rinse.

Step 3 – Cut down the length of the carrot and chop the long carrots in whatever size you like.

Step 4 – Turn crock pot on High. Add 5-6 Tablespoons of water. Add carrots. The carrots will fill the pot.

Step 5 – Drizzle olive oil, sprinkle salt and pepper. Stir. This step could be done in a large bowl and then transferred over to crock pot.

Step 6 – Put lid on and cook 4 hours.

The carrots are still firm, still bright orange and nutritious. You could cook a bit longer if you want them tender all the way through, but the firmness causes you to chew slower which is excellent for digestion and enjoyment of your food.

One other tip: This recipe is easy because I don’t peel the carrots. Keep your nutrients.


Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything. Genesis 9:3

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