Get the Transformation You Long For Now

If you are a follower of Jesus, you should esteem His Holy Word and desire more of it in your life. It is the way to transformation! My personal testimony about scripture is that the more of it I get in my life the more I love it. The more I love it the more I love the Author of it. My life makes more sense and I have more peace. IMG_2757

I know you want more peace and putting more scripture inside you is the way to do it. Did you know there’s a huge connection between scripture intake and peace of mind? It just works. The reason is supernatural. The Holy Spirit is your partner and it’s an effort God blesses every time! So here are a few ways to begin the transformation you long for. Choose one of these and win!

  • Make a habit of morning meeting with the Lord, reading His Word and praying. This one is not optional.

All the rest of these are optional, but if you want to see and feel transformation, choose at least one and get started.

  • When a scripture stands out to you, type or write it on a card. Put the card on the bathroom mirror. Go over the card a couple minutes every time while brushing your teeth. You’ll be amazed how quickly it’s memorized and you’ll be so proud of yourself.
  • Begin doing scripture writing (See blog about this Here).
  • Embrace the 1 subject notebook and index cards.These are your best tools for writing out the scriptures and getting specific ones to memorize or meditate on.
  • Get an app on your phone that sends you scripture and take a second to read it when it comes.
  • Take time beyond your morning quiet time to write scripture. Write a chapter of the Bible. Write a book of the Bible over time. 
  • Find an audio bible app or YouTube video with scripture and listen to it while you are running errands or at night to fall asleep.
  • While waiting anywhere, read the Bible or your index card spiral of verses.

Friends, any effort you make to get more scripture in your life will be rewarding. God rewards those who earnestly seek Him. This is a promise and He is the promise keeper. Be inspired to get more of the inspired Word of God in your life. And get ready for your transformation.

Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook how you get more scripture in your life!

Great peace have those who love your law; nothing can make them stumble. Psalm 119:165


7 thoughts on “Get the Transformation You Long For Now

  1. Praise God from all blessings flow. Each day I begin with texting a scripture to my son and a friend of another son (who died April, 2018) who led him back to the Lord. I pray every day for God to use me to witness for Him every opportunity I can. Check out BBN (Bible Broadcasting Network) on 24/7 all over the US and So. America. No commercials. Preaching and music and so sincere to God’s work. God Bless you and your Ministry. Sarah

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  2. I can say from first hand experience the difference it makes in your life. I was one that would do it because I had to until got started transforming me, now it’s a must in my life daily that I start my day by Gods living word and what he has for me daily without it my day is chaos. When I’m obedient to Christ even when the enemy tries to bring chaos to my life I have peace. That one comes from the one and only who can give it to us Jesus Christ.


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