10 Quotes for this Covid19 Season

westerly 469We all love a pithy quote. Quotes help us relate to a variety of subjects. Quotes are original so they carry a genuine effect with them. Quotes put things in perspective in a unique way. In this post, I will add my thoughts after each quote. Covid19 may have given you some contemplative time and most of these can be useful right now.  Let me know what you think about these. 

Though a home is but a nest of inanimate objects, if lovingly chosen, they can love you back. Jan Karon

The meaning here is not of being a packrat, but appreciating simple things that have aesthetic beauty for you. Jan Karon’s readers know the detail she scribbles about meaningful things with intrinsic value. 

You can’t go with God and stay where you are. Henry Blackaby

This is one of mine and my husband’s go-to quotes. It challenges the comfortable cozy we all cling to and highlights our desire to cling to it rather than run to the challenge God presents to join Him. The Covid19 quarantine may have you wondering if God is calling you beyond yourself for His kingdom. Listen and then obey.

Do the next thing. Elisabeth Elliot

These four words are packed with wisdom. I’m rarely bored, and usually, embrace it if I am. If we squander time, we will not be productive. God does have our good works ready for us each day, even if it is just household tasks. Doing the next thing keeps you sane, puts you on the front lines of serving your family, or just sitting alone with God. It’s just the next thing. Obedience in the daily.rocky shore

God can’t give us peace and happiness apart from Himself because there is no such thing. C.S. Lewis

When Christians understand this, they appreciate the daily life of being a Christian. Talking to Jesus is second nature, listening for Him as we wait gives us opportunity to learn more of who He is. 

Disappointment has been referred to as the gap between expectation and reality. Lysa Teurkurst

There’s nothing like a reality check. Mercy, we can live in denial for only so long. Our expectations can be so high that disappointment is the inevitable result. I don’t know about you all, but I hate to be disappointed. Let’s put our hope in God. He never fails.

Filter some of the values in those Hallmark movies, but enjoy the fact they are mostly decent. Janet Denison

Perhaps Hallmark was a favorite channel of yours before this quarantine. If it wasn’t, it may be now. And yes, they aren’t the deepest content, but for the most part, they pass the watch test of a scrupulous viewer seeking clean entertainment. If you discover otherwise, by all means, quit watching.

If you attract someone with your body you’re going to have to keep them with your body. Kandy

This is bondage. God has big plans and they have nothing to do with exploitation of our bodies or violating His word on how to stay free. Our bodies are meant to bring Him glory. 

We are made for the valley and the ordinary things of life, and that is where we have to prove our stamina and strength. Oswald Chambers

Daily life. Oh so ordinary and yet how powerful a witness it is to those who watch. We must love the Lord daily no matter how mundane it seems to us. We are given stamina and strength from the Lord. A consistent, faithful life lived to please Him is far from mundane.

I’ll ponder it. valerie

This works when you are asked a question, but you can tell it doesn’t need an immediate answer. Either because you don’t have one, or they don’t need one. It gives the ask-er a sense that you will consider the request and get back to them. But it also gives the ask-er time to forget about it. Sometimes all people need is to ask. 

It’s yes to God. Now, what’s the question? Vance Havner

This is profound on so many levels. How long do we hold our agenda before God asking Him to meet our demands, even telling Him how good our plan is? This requires no faith. Saying yes to God first, now that’s faith.

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