Worry Worksheet

Has worry ever grabbed you and suddenly you feel suffocated by a situation beyond your control? Worry is a condition many live in regularly. We all know there are some rather large situations in life that can escalate our concern to worry.


If you are a believer in Christ Jesus, I can tell you Jesus doesn’t want His children to make a practice of worrying. All through His Word, He gives solutions to help us give our worry to Him, to turn our worries into prayers. Maybe this is where you find yourself now. Could you use a simple worksheet to help you focus a few minutes on His promises and find remedies for worry? I’ve made one for you. It’s a free printable here:

worry worksheet

Worry is a waste of time. We all succumb to it occasionally, but our Lord knows it defeats us if we allow it to consume us. So if you need a break, take some time to work this simple exercise. You will feel the peace of God, and your perspective will change. Take some time, cozy up in the Word, alone with God, and get the peace you need for the situation you are in now. Please share it with others and let me know if you were blessed by the worksheet. worry worksheet


You can’t simultaneously worry and worship God. Every time you worry, you’ve forgotten how much God loves you. Worry is really acting like an atheist. It’s pretending you’re an orphan rather than a child of God. Rick Warren


2 thoughts on “Worry Worksheet

  1. Encouraging words and we must have learned to Trust more after what we have been through. We know that our Savior knows all things and He has allowed this for A purpose. Pray, and think and research what has this meant to you, what have you learned or how has it changed you for better or worse. There is a reason for all things, so there has to be a reason for this. What is it and is it different for each of us and is it meant to be different for each of us?


    • Great insights Sarah. Yes, I pray this strange but planned time on God’s eternal calendar is a call to repentance for the Church and a call to salvation for the Lost. Bless you.


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