5 Reasons To Send Christmas Cards This Year

Do you still send Christmas cards? If you are a certain age and generation, you grew up with piles of Christmas cards coming in the mail from friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances. Displaying them added to your home’s Christmas decor. After each card was tacked up, the scotch tape dispenser would be close to empty, but the door facings in the living room and kitchen were full.

The tradition of sending Christmas cards is one that I love. There’s just something about getting real mail in this highly technological age. And this mail is beautiful and personal!

Since the digital age, many choose to send e-cards or no cards at all. This post will hopefully quicken a desire in you to connect with others selflessly. If you’ve never sent Christmas cards through the mail or have dropped the idea years ago, then this is the year to send them.

Cards come with glitter, 3-dimensional art, gold and silver letters, foil or vellum lining, shiny graphics, or embossing. It’s eye candy, for sure! There’s no doubt about it. This is happy mail! What other time of year can one get correspondence creatively portrayed on paper with thoughtful words inside declaring GOOD NEWS? Not just good news but THE Good News. Perhaps this year, you are thinking of not sending Christmas cards? I think even those of us who love the tradition are tempted in this way. Maybe you have so many people to send them to, and it seems overwhelming. Perhaps you thought that you were the only one that actually sends them anymore.
I want to encourage you not to give in to these ideas.

People are weary of isolation and need this personal touch in their lives right now. Sure, you have no guarantee you will get a card back from everyone you send one to, but they will know you thought about them, and that is wonderful. So let’s get started thinking differently about this idea of sending Christmas cards.

Here are 5 reasons for you to send Christmas cards:
  • Real mail – People love it when the mail is personal and not a bill or junk.
  • Remembered in prayer –  A family I know keeps every card they receive and places them in a basket. Every day of the year, the family pulls a card and prays for the person or family.
  • Recycle – Christmas cards are gorgeous and can be used to make other crafts.
  • Reminiscent – Each card represents friendship or a memory of a person. A card is a personal act of love. I often keep them from year to year.
  • Reflective – Sending cards through the mail seems nostalgic. Keeping this tradition alive gives people a few moments in their day to reflect on the sender.

When someone makes the effort to purchase the cards, fill out the cards, and mail out the cards, that is a thoughtful act! Whether you enclose a photo or a gospel tract, or just your signature, receiving them is a blessing.

There’s no other way to look at it. It takes time, money, effort, and intention to send Christmas cards. Let’s keep this tradition alive and keep sending Christmas cards!


Sending Christmas cards is a good way to let your friends and family know that you think they’re worth the price of a stamp.
Melanie White

©Valerie Rumfelt


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