The Best Christmas Gift You Can Give

Sunday at FBC Jackson, Mississippi, we recognized the International Mission Board(IMB)missionaries in the church who are obeying the GO portion of the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20. This GO is to the nations.

Todd Lafferty and his wife Susan served in the field. Now, Todd is Vice President at the IMB and was our speaker Sunday. The IMB’s strategy is to have people GO to the nations. They equip and train their missionaries and provide for all their needs. IMB missionaries GO without financial concerns. IMB’s theme verse is Revelation 7:9.

After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.

Sunday’s message informed listeners on how to help the IMB fulfill its mission. This outline is my notes. I will comment more at the end.

  1. Pray for all nations and proclaim to all people

*This is a life-saving mission.

154,937 die daily without Christ.

2. Add variety to your prayers. Get the app IMB Pray on your phone. Set the notifications for your prayer time, or as a reminder throughout your day. You can pray for the 9 Affinity Groups IMB has identified. I have the app. These are specific requests.

3. Pray for the powerful

*Pray for an umbrella of peace to continue so people can hear the gospel in some nations. Pray this for the United States of America.

*New bible translation in China that blasphemes the Bible. The story of the woman caught in adultery has Jesus telling her that she’s a sinner, He is a sinner, and then he stones her.

*Pray for the persecutors. Pray that persecutors would turn from Saul’s to Paul’s. We pray so they will come to the truth and knowledge of Jesus. Jesus longs for the salvation of all who will hear. We must proclaim to all people.

The penetration of the Gospel into the darkness is dependent on the prayers of those walking in the Light

Statistics from IMB research:

The Gospel is shared with 275,000 weekly.

The challenge ——– 1.5 million people come into the world every week.

IMB wants 500 additional missionaries in the next five years.

IMB wants 500 global missionary partners.

IMB wants to engage in 75 global cities.

The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is 60% of the IMB budget.

*God desires all people to have saving faith in Jesus

*God deserves the honor of all people

*Christ died to rescue all peoples

***If you are 60 years old, you need a 25-year plan for continued productivity. You can use your life experiences and giftings to reach the nations.


Pray – get the app IMB Pray

Give – to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering through your local church and tell your other friends to do the same. Give here:


Did Covid19 steal your purpose? God still has plans for you. This time last year, my husband and I were in the first stage of the missionary process with the IMB. We didn’t know where it would lead. It was and continues to be a faith journey. In a few short weeks, a new country will be our home. It’s hard to fathom. The mission is overwhelming, but we GO in faith. Pray for us. Give sacrificially. Go if you can.

Why this strange indifference to missions? Why these scant contributions? Why does money fail to be forthcoming when approved men and women are asking to be sent to proclaim the ‘unsearchable riches of Christ’ to the heathen? – October 3, 1887, Pingtu – Lottie Moon

P.S. Masks were worn the entire time before, during, and after service. Removal was brief for the picture.

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  1. It helps to reminded what the Lottie Moon offering does and how churches and individuals can support. Please let me know how we can pray for you. Also when you get relocated and have a new address, I can provide that info to the Wynndale facebook.


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