Wrap your Mind Around Worry

Has worry ever grabbed you, and suddenly you feel suffocated by a situation beyond your control? Worry is a condition many live in regularly. We all know there are some rather large situations in life that can escalate our concern to full-blown worry.


If you are a Christian, I can tell you Jesus doesn’t want His children to make a practice of worrying. Worry is a sin, and any effort we put forth to get it under control is time well spent. Some of those efforts are talked about in other blogs on this site, but spending time in Scripture or prayer is some of my go-to strategies.

The immediate reward of choosing to slow down and engage with God’s Word or talk to Jesus is undeniably beneficial. Ultimately, worry harms our mind and body, which could be why God doesn’t want His children consumed by it. Our heavenly Father knows His children, and He knows when we worry, our hearts and minds are not on Him. It’s as if we agree with our flesh and/or the devil about situations instead of trusting Jesus and gaining strength through the Holy Spirit to wait on His outcome.

All through the Bible, solutions are given to help us give our worries to Him, to turn our worries into prayers, and cast our burden on Him.  Maybe this is where you find yourself now.

If you are in this consuming situation now, take a healthy break, and be intentional. Sit down and read these scriptures. The mind will move from worry to the Word if you read out loud. Do it repeatedly if needed, and your mind will engage with Scripture.

Matthew 6:25-34

Psalm 19 (the whole chapter)

Then take a few minutes and write these scriptures.
Then pray the scripture back to God.

This is a winning way to follow Jesus. If you are a Christian, then you will feel God’s peace inside. You will be more relaxed. Then you will know God is in control of the situation. Then you can praise Him for the beautiful work He did in you over the last few minutes, and you can thank Him for what He will do in your situation.


We cast behind fear, sin, and death;

With Thee we seek the things above;

Our inmost souls Thy spirit breathe,

Of power, of calmness, and of love.

Hymns of the Spirit

©Valerie Rumfelt

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7 thoughts on “Wrap your Mind Around Worry”

  1. Thank you for reminding us that worry takes away our trust in Jesus. The Word draws us to Him and His peace. We have a victorious Redeemer..
    May the Lord bless you.
    Love in Him,


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