He Died For Me

He died for me?

How can that be, that Jesus chose to die for me?

Nailed to a tree, unjustified.

His blood applied. What news! That Jesus died for me!

He knew His purpose, He knew the Plan.

God would come in the form of man.

To live with us and dwell with us.

For me, for ME? He died for me.

The joy before Him, He endured the cross.

He suffered and scorned its shame.

Left without a friend, obedient to the end.

This Jesus, my Jesus, He died for me.

Foretold in Isaiah,

Spoken for by John.

Baptized in the Jordon, the sky would open,

The Father had spoken and the mission had begun.

This Jesus, my Jesus, He died for me.

Tempted by Satan, proved faithful by Scripture,

He preached repentance and called His disciples.

He healed the sick so I could see.

This Jesus, yes Jesus, He died for me.

Spoke from a mountain and told of the fountain,

The life we could have in Him.

Love the lowly, avoid adultery.

Be salt and light, and love, peace and mercy.

Stay free, live free. His mind always on me.

This Jesus, merciful Jesus. He died for me.

Give it all away, pray and forgive,

Store up treasures where one day you’ll live,

Don’t worry or judge. Ask, seek and knock.

Enter the narrow gate and stay close to the flock.

He’s prepared a way.

This Jesus, my Jesus, He died for me.

No houses on sand, build a solid foundation.

Have faith, be healed and let His glory be revealed.

Be devoted and follow, let Him calm your storms.

No sacrifices needed, only a heart turned towards.

This Jesus, my Jesus, He died for me.

The workers are few, the LOST are many.

Pray to the Lord for more help.

He wants to save, let’s pray today,

for our families, friends and enemies.

He loves them all, we don’t understand.

This Jesus, unfathomable Jesus, He died for me.

He calls us out every single day,

Go, tell, and be sure to pray.

Love in my Name, and do all for Me.

I promise to provide and give rest when you’re weary.

Keep my Sabbath, stay faithful in meeting.

Your strength comes in numbers, love one another deeply.

His plan is good, better than your own.

This Jesus, Son of Man, He died for me.

Love as a child; stay on the straight and narrow.

I’ll provide your food, your rest and a bright tomorrow.

No worry for clothes or a place to lay your head.

All that is my joy to give, trust me, you’ll be fed.

Such love, such care we don’t deserve.

This Jesus, my Redeemer, He died for me.

He came as a babe, so lowly and small

no place for Him, but a dirty stall.

The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords

He came so I can live.

He humbled himself, our example, the Servant.

He taught us and so now, we can be fervent.

Our devotion is true and our lives shine,

All for His glory and none for mine.

Because He lives, I can live too.

This Jesus, my Jesus, He died for YOU.

Defeated and mocked or so it appeared.

They stripped Him, but couldn’t take His glory.

Even to the end, redemption told the story

For one who was on His side – paradise was his reward.

The curtain torn, they laid Him in a tomb, guarded by soldiers,

Oh, such doom.

But victory was coming, the women were running,

to tell that they had seen Him!

To many He appeared, even to those He loved dear,

And now He reigns on His throne above.

This Jesus, My Jesus, all for love, He died for YOU.

The day and hour is not known, but one day He will come.

For now, He reigns in our hearts and on His heavenly throne.

This Jesus whose blood was shed for me

has made my life worth living.

This Jesus, my Jesus, He died for me.

It happened long ago we know, and yet the truth remains.

His resurrection ever told, through the truth of His claims.

They cannot prove otherwise, His followers know it’s true,

for we are forever grateful and try to show it in all we do.

He is the Way, the Truth, the Life. He is the only One.

He’s the God of all gods and the only true Son.

It is our joy today to honor Him and bless His Name,

For we know He lives because our lives are changed.

This Jesus, the Powerful Savior, it’s Him we celebrate.

The cross was the bridge for our sin sick souls

Our hellish lives could now be redeemed.

If we know Him in our hearts, we cannot help but sing.

The One who’s closer than a brother,

The One who calls us His friends.

It doesn’t seem possible, this personal Savior.

He’ll see us to the end.

Heaven is our future, Hell has lost its sting.

Through generations till He comes, His truth forever rings.

The best thing that has happened is we know deep down inside,

He makes His home in our hearts and there He now abides.

No more could He have done,

His love has set me free.

This Jesus, yes Jesus, He died for me.

by Valerie Rumfelt – based chronologically on Matthew’s gospel

The Power of the Call

Have you ever been puzzled by what a call on someone’s life is? If you’ve been a church goer for any amount of time, you may have heard someone say that God called them to do this or that work.  I had heard this all my life in church, but had little understanding of the meaning.

When I was in a Christian setting years ago, I asked others one day, “ What does it mean when someone has a call on their life?” That was met with silence and I knew then that I wasn’t the only one that didn’t know. However, I may have been the only one in the room at that time that wanted to know. It wasn’t long after that I received my call to missions.

Prior to this, a series of personal and deeply spiritual events had occurred in mine and my husbands lives. A Christian marriage retreat, and my husband getting laid off were 2 of the events. God used those things to lead my husband and I to question what God was doing in our lives.

It was at a marriage retreat that Henry Blackaby challenged 500 couples with this question…”Is God calling you to more than just serving in your local church as a lay person? If He is, stand up.” We’d already been having some interesting thoughts about our lives and when that question came, we could have been the only ones in the room. We both stood up and that began what we would understand to be a call to full-time Christian service. We didn’t know what we were doing. We didn’t understand it all at the time.

We were compelled.

We knew God was “calling” us.

The following weeks and months were profound in our lives as we experienced God in our life circumstances, in His Word, and other people. God was active and He had our attention.

Then there were 2 mission trips to Ukraine. Those trips were so spiritually impacting that English words seem empty to tell of how each trip delivered potent effects in our lives. The cost of following Jesus was being counted and we were attentive to His plans.


It would be after the last trip to Ukraine that the “call” to mission came for me. This is what happened.

I was standing at my kitchen sink. That kitchen sink was home to many thoughts in those days. And that night was no different as I questioned God about calling us. Why not others? And then I got specific and named a few names of the “others”. My train of thought was that Clark and I already did so much for Jesus. We were already heavily involved in church and our lives were turned toward our neighbors and others who needed to know Him. It seemed logical to me that calling us was unnecessary since we did everything already.  It also seemed that God needed to call people who didn’t do as much and then perhaps that would get them more involved in His Kingdom work.

I felt this a good argument.

As I’m pouring out my questions to God, my turbulent spirit was interrupted when a physical pressure came onto my shoulders. Yes, I mean like a person putting their hands on my shoulders.

Then tear drops begin hitting the bubbles in the sink as tears rolled down my cheeks.

The arguing ceased and gently in my head I heard, “But would you be willing?”

That inaudible, penetrating question along with the pressure on my shoulders led me to whisper, “Yes Lord, I would be willing.”

Immediately, the pressure lifted. Peace restored.

From that point on, I’ve never doubted, wondered or questioned again God’s call on my life. I could go on and on about how this call has put glue to my feet when I wanted to leave and swiftness in my step when it was time to. I could tell you how it has calmed me when the days were desperate and how its certainty has given me peace. I could tell you how this call has become who I am and how defining it is to my life.

Is God calling you to a task or to a lifetime of mission service to Him? If you are wondering, it very well could be that He is. How will you respond?

To this end wealways pray for you, that our God maymake you worthy of His calling and may fulfill every resolve for good and everywork of faith by His power,so that the name of our Lord Jesusmay be glorified in you, and you in Him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 1:11-12

©️Valerie Rumfelt