Truth In a List

Do you need a simple list of your personal theology regarding God, Jesus and the Bible? Years ago, I was working with children who hadn’t grown up in church.¬† Teaching them made my faith sharper as I looked for ways to reach them with the truth of Jesus and the Bible. Bible stories that I’d … More Truth In a List

What Are We Free From?

John 8:36  says, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” Because Jesus lives in my heart, I am FREE from… the penalty of sin ~ HELL the power of sin ~ HERE the presence of sin ~ HEAVEN When we were church planters in Rhode Island, we had something called … More What Are We Free From?

5 Reasons to Write a Handwritten Letter

There’s nothing like getting a personal letter in the mail. Short of wedding invitations and graduation announcements, letters can be few and far between these days. I’m thankful that during my lifetime, I knew about¬†sending, as well as, receiving letters in the mailbox. There’s something special about an envelope with your name inscribed on it, … More 5 Reasons to Write a Handwritten Letter

A Simple Oil Change

Recently a few minutes taken to run errands turned into an eternal, life changing assignment. My husband and I pulled in to an oil and lube shop for an oil change. Making my way to the customer waiting room, Clark joined me in a few minutes. Little did I know then, but Clark had given … More A Simple Oil Change

Wild West Episode

I believe the best TV shows were in my childhood. To this day, I still have positive memories associated with certain TV shows. The Wild West’s image became imprinted in my mind with such shows as High Chaparral, Gun Smoke, and Bonanza. Even The Brady Bunch episodes of their family camping trip introduced the Wild … More Wild West Episode

Talk about Heaven

We were relaxing around the dining room table reminiscing about a couple of mission trips we’d taken, and about present ministry. One friend around that table admitted to a loss of purpose due to her critical illness. For decades, she had an immeasurable impact in many lives, but now was pondering what on earth she … More Talk about Heaven

Imagine a New Life

Yesterday morning in church, we sang a medley of songs about heaven, as well as, grace. While singing, my mind pondered how freeing it is to live a life indelibly marked by God’s grace. None of us deserve God’s grace. Maybe as a believer in Jesus you have wondered where you would be if it … More Imagine a New Life

Tomato Pie

It’s summer. And in Mississippi, tomato season is in full swing! My husband planted a good dozen tomato plants this year. About 2 weeks in, he wasn’t happy with how they looked so he added a few more. No worries though, as this week has yielded the largest amount of this smooth, red fruit since … More Tomato Pie

Eternal Life Eternal Joy

Recently at church, we dusted off this old hymn. The pure, unadulterated, simple, yet profound truths that are in these verses punctured my spirit. My hearing tenderly absorbed each thought. If you are a believer in Jesus, take a moment to scan these stanzas. “Jesus is all the world to me” brings comfort and mental … More Eternal Life Eternal Joy

Blueberry pickin’

One of the joys of summer is the variety of gardens, trees and bushes that produce lovely treats straight from God’s hand. Until I came to live on the property of Buried Treasures Home, I’d never picked blueberries. Now, every June, I look forward to this pleasure. The harvest is plentiful this year and they … More Blueberry pickin’