Eternal Life Eternal Joy

Recently at church, we dusted off this old hymn. The pure, unadulterated, simple, yet profound truths that are in these verses punctured my spirit. My hearing tenderly absorbed each thought. If you are a believer in Jesus, take a moment to scan these stanzas. “Jesus is all the world to me” brings comfort and mental … More Eternal Life Eternal Joy

Blueberry pickin’

One of the joys of summer is the variety of gardens, trees, and bushes that produce lovely treats straight from God’s hand. Until I came to live on the property of Buried Treasures Home, I’d never picked blueberries. Now, every June, I look forward to this pleasure. The harvest is plentiful this year, and they … More Blueberry pickin’

Deck Garden update

Back on April 10th, I published this post Easy ideas for your deck garden. At that time, I was just beginning to plant annuals. Having only a few minutes here and there to devote to this project, a little over a month later, it has progressed, but is not quite finished. I’m pleased so far with … More Deck Garden update

Blessed are…

The Beatitudes are a well-known portion of scripture. Because it is so well known, it’s a treasure that can be overlooked. Maybe having explanation to this poetic, truth laden passage can enlighten you to more of its meaning and punctuate its value to you personally. Matthew 5:1-9 Now when Jesus saw the crowds, He went … More Blessed are…

Easter 2018

Easter was yesterday or should I say that Christians celebrated what Jesus did on the cross and His resurrection yesterday. If you are a faithful follower of Jesus, waking up each day is a reminder of God’s resurrection in your life. He has given each Christ follower a plan and it is up to us … More Easter 2018

Lamb of God

                                                        O Lamb of God, so pure and sinless Thank you for your love so endless. No other could have died that day. O Lamb of God, who … More Lamb of God

Why a blog?

I’ve waited most of my life to write with any intentionality. Never recognizing the God given gift, I only wrote when inspired and generally, it took the form of poetry. There’s certainly nothing wrong with poetry, but this blog hopefully will be writing, not verse or ballad, but a more articulate style without rhythm. Occasionally, a … More Why a blog?

Whole Wheat Biscuits

Do you have a biscuit maker in your home? The ones in the picture are made with white flour, but my husband also makes palate pleasing ones using whole wheat flour. For the most part, our trajectory in terms of eating is a healthy one.  I know white flour biscuits don’t fit into that category, … More Whole Wheat Biscuits