Easy Ideas for Your Deck Garden

IMG_5400I’m determined to get a jump on my gardens this year. One of the garden places is our deck. It can be viewed from the interior of our house through the kitchen window. Beauty is essential here. My hope for this year is to plant more plants, have more ferns, and more decorations. I desire to have a lush and enchanting garden space for my husband and I to delight in. The key to a deck garden is to make it feel like a room, a place of rest. If you are starting a deck garden this season, I can tell you what I did, and maybe my ideas will help you.

  • Get bright-colored containers since they stand out. A variety of shapes and sizes add creative flare. Spray paint can refresh older pots. Put the containers at different levels on the deck to create interest.
  • Purchase potting soil and fertilizer and annuals. All are inexpensive. Plant as soon as you can. This ensures that you can enjoy flourishing beauty as long as your season lasts.
  • Look for decorations. I found an R initial. It was designed to look old, so it weathers well outside. Other embellishments like dragonflies on springs, and birds dangling on wire hang near the deck space. Decorative, metal garden stakes go in pots. Frog and mushroom figurines poised by plants cheer them to grow.  To contribute to a charming growth space, I have butterfly and bird clamps clipped to sides of pots. Turtles and rabbit figurines sitting quietly around the deck have all contributed to an appealing growth space. A cheerful flag announcing spring is hung from a stake.  And don’t forget, lights can be easily strung from hooks. Most decorations were purchased at Dollar Tree or Tuesday Morning.
  • You can purchase an all-weather rug online which anchors any furniture and gives the deck that room feel. Outdoor pillows also contribute to a feeling of coziness and a place of refuge. These are $5 at Walmart year around.

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Whatever time you spend in the beginning setting the stage for your deck is well worth it. You don’t need the perfect space to achieve these results. Our deck needs repair and could use a coat of wood sealer. But, by the time I finish decorating and the plants flourish, the deck will be an uplifting, restful place. Any deficiencies will be forgotten.

I think the same ideas could be implemented on a patio or sunroom. Expense is minimal compared to the results. Never over water,  fertilize regularly, and yes, talk to your plants. And talk to God about your plants, after all, He’s the one that makes all things grow.

Happy deck gardening!

“I need no friends. I have my Bible and my flowers, that’s enough.” Samson in One Foot In Heaven

©Valerie Rumfelt


Easter 2018

Easter was yesterday or should I say that Christians celebrated what Jesus did on the cross and His resurrection yesterday. If you are a faithful follower of Jesus, waking up each day is a reminder of God’s resurrection in your life. He has given each Christ follower a plan and it is up to us to intentionally see that plan happens by His help, grace, and power each and every day. When my church sang Christ Arose and the orchestra played Were You There, that was moving and reflective. Then, after the sermon, we joined in great hope singing Because He Lives.  By this time, my heart leaped with joy and gratitude. Thank God for music to interpret our souls song! What more do we Christians need to stay motivated so as to execute the wonderful, individual plan that our Lord has for each of us?

Having been so moved throughout the entire service, it was our joy to walk up in front of a packed church to pray for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. My husband and I held hands as we approached the pulpit and held hands the entire time we prayed as each of us attempted to voice our gratitude to our Savior for missions, Annie Armstrong’s legacy, Buried Treasures Home, and to thank Him for what we were celebrating that day and to whom we were directing our prayer. It was overwhelming, to say the least.

One of the past Buried Treasures Home ladies was featured in a video testimony in the service. And thankfully, another past Buried Treasures Home lady joined us for lunch at the home. To be able to worship with our local body of believers, one that we love and pray for, to see some fruit from our labor at Buried Treasures Home, and to give God the glory, plus rejoicing  in the empty tomb, well, that was Easter 2018 for me.  The link below has the service in its entirety. Please share how Easter was celebrated for you.


Weekapaug, RI

©Valerie Rumfelt

Lamb of God


O Lamb of God, so pure and sinless
Thank you for your love so endless.
No other could have died that day.

O Lamb of God, who paid my way
To heavens glory I’ll go one day;
o worship you in peace and love
Sweet Lamb of God, to you I fall.

Oh Lamb of God, perfect offering
Your blood flowed on that day.
But death couldn’t keep you, no.
You rose from the grave.

O Lamb of God, what can I do,
To let you know my love for you?
Live life in fellowship with me,
Do this daily and you’ll be free.

O Lamb of God who took my place
By grace, now I can see your face.
You washed me clean that day, it’s true
And now I choose to live for you.

                                                                                               By Valerie Rumfelt

©Valerie Rumfelt

Heaven on Monday

Have you seen the movie “I Can Only Imagine”? It’s been out a few days and already exceeded expectations. Christians should attend faith-based films. This weekend the ladies of Buried Treasures Home(https://www.buriedtreasureshome.com/) went to see it.

The volunteer who took them shared the impact the movie had on them. Her observation caused me to do some research over the weekend. My findings on YouTube have likely had a similar impact on me as the movie did on them. So much so, I decided today I’d share some of my research with the ladies.

Do you know about the song Dennis Quaid wrote 25 years ago? I didn’t know Dennis was a musician! One interview indicated he couldn’t finish the song at the time, but since being part of the movie cast, he found the inspiration to complete the song. The title of his song is “On My Way to Heaven.”

Based on my small test audience with the ladies of Buried Treasures Home today, I predict the song has a long future. Watching Dennis Quaid on video sing, his song touched a tender spot in all of us.

It is a song of hope because of Redemption, which only comes through Jesus. I believe it reminded the ladies they are all now “in Christ,” and they, too, are on their way to Heaven.

For a moment, it made the journey here on earth a bit lighter. For a Monday, here on planet earth, it’s the best news.

Enjoy the song here: On My Way To Heaven

©Valerie Rumfelt

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Why a blog?

IMG_4009I’ve waited most of my life to write with any intentionality. Never recognizing the God given gift, I only wrote when inspired and generally, it took the form of poetry. There’s certainly nothing wrong with poetry, but this blog hopefully will be writing, not verse or ballad, but a more articulate style without rhythm. Occasionally, a poem may appear. It’s been a long time coming, the intentionality for writing. Years of timidity, denying the gift, not understanding how to use it prevailed. Thankfully, through a series of circumstances, I feel led to start this blog. Perhaps you will read about some of those twists and turns. It is fun to launch this activity and see where God takes it. A true writer will write even when no one is reading. Therefore, if no one shows up to read, there will still be an expression here that will be enjoyed. I do hope you will let me know that you dropped by. My desire is that something you read here will bless you and bring glory to my audience of One.

©Valerie Rumfelt

Whole Wheat Biscuits

Do you have a biscuit maker in your home? The ones in the picture are made with white flour, but my husband also makes palate pleasing ones using whole wheat flour.

For the most part, our trajectory in terms of eating is a healthy one.  I know white flour biscuits don’t fit into that category, but, life is short, and breakfast is eaten early in the day. The negatives that one white flour biscuit may bring are processed throughout a long, active day. They aren’t eaten every morning.  I’m proud to have a sweet husband who is my biscuit maker.White biscuits alongside some salt and pepper shakers found at an antique store.

Did you grow up eating biscuits? It was one of the few things that my mother could make homemade. Her white gravy was thick, and creamy with just enough pepper tossed in; perfect with her hot biscuits.

This may sound outrageous to some, but most of the time, if I had to choose between bread or dessert, I’d choose bread.  However, I don’t mind saying, dark chocolate has become a favorite.

But, back to bread.

Do you have a bread making machine? We bought one a few years back and we used it.  I’ve heard people say they gained so much weight once they got a bread machine. We always sliced it once cooled, and placed waxed paper between each slice to freeze for later. One slice at a time and no weight issues. It was a delight to enjoy, truly, homemade bread!

Bread gets a bad rap so often. Rarely do you hear such condemnation over apple pie, chocolate cake, or ice cream, but bread…my goodness, it doesn’t get good reviews.

Jesus must have had a high view of bread. After all, He claimed He was the Bread of Life(John chapter 6). Surely bread is one of the many wonderful foods that God gives us to enjoy. Even the healthy plate that the government recommends has whole grain as a requirement. The whole wheat biscuit would certainly qualify. So, I eat my biscuit(white or wheat) a few mornings a week and I enjoy it. Eat them early and remember what John Wayne said,

“Slap some bacon on a biscuit and let’s go! We’re burnin’ daylight!”

©Valerie Rumfelt

The first R

window in Germany

It was a number of years ago when making a Pinterest board when “it’s all about the R” came to be. There are a number of fanciful and creative ways any letter is written. My board for R’s is filled regularly. With all the choices of fonts now, you too may love the way your initials look in certain script. Years later when thinking of a name for this blog, that title for the Pinterest board came to mind. Starting this blog seems like the time to tell you about the first R.

By the time of my birth, both my parents had accepted Christ. By that I do mean that both parents had come to saving faith in Christ Jesus. They prayed their children would know Him one day too.

My day came at 7 years old. It’s a dim but notable memory. The memory has me at home. It seemed suddenly, (but more time may have crept by), when my mind began to think about dying. Then it began to think about my family. My sisters had already accepted Jesus and the thought of dying caused a desperation and urgency to enter in my soul. An awareness gripped me that in my present state, Heaven wasn’t where I’d go if I’d died. Worse than that thought was the one of me going to Hell!

I began to understand being with my family and Jesus in heaven was my desire. This led me to go tell my mother of my desire of wanting to accept Jesus into my heart. She moved very quickly finishing what she was doing. Soon, she, and my dad and I were hovered in front of the living room sofa all on our knees. I would repeat after them and ask Jesus to come live in my heart.

I don’t remember my baptism. That alone makes me grateful that baptism, although important, does not save you. That salvation day, my Redeemer came to live inside my heart.

To this day my understanding of that transaction leaves me in awe and is baffling to me at times.

Regretfully, it is sad that although I joined Him on my life journey that day, at some point in college, I chose a road that He didn’t choose for me. That fact also makes me grateful that my salvation was secure that day at the age of 7, and my name was and is written in the palm of His hand. We can say “no daddy” and walk off, but He never leaves us. Since my return back to Him, I’ve never let go.

Redeemer is a word that implies taking my place and in the dictionary the name Jesus Christ is actually the example given. How wonderful! He purchased my salvation, my deliverance from sin, and my freedom by dying on the cross for me.

So, do you have a spiritual birthday? In John 3:4, Nicodemus is talking to Jesus, “How can someone be born when they are old?” Nicodemus asked. “Surely they cannot enter a second time into their mother’s womb to be born!” Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit.”

There’s an old hymn by Fanny Crosby entitled, Redeemed. Some of its lyrics so lovely…

Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it!
Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb;
Redeemed through His infinite mercy,
His child and forever I am.

Nicole C. Mullen wrote the song Redeemer where she fervently claims her Redeemer lives and that she talked with Him this morning.

That’s the Redeemer I know and He is my most important R.

(c)Valerie Rumfelt

Why a blog…

I’ve waited most of my life to write with any intentionality. Never recognizing the God given gift, I only wrote when inspired and generally, it took the form of poetry. There’s certainly nothing wrong with poetry, but this blog hopefully will be writing, not verse or ballad, but a more articulate style, embracing writing. Occasionally, a poem may appear. It’s been a long time coming, the intentionality for writing. Years of timidity, denying the gift, not understanding how to use it prevailed. Thankfully, through a series of circumstances, I’ve understood it’s time to start a blog. Perhaps you will read about some of those twists and turns. The purpose of this blog is to offer helps to the Christian. I’m a believer of Christian disciplines and living a life of faithful witness to a lost world. Sometimes there may be personal stories and other times an explanation of a practice which makes my life richer.It is fun to launch this blog and see where God takes it. A true writer will write even when no one is reading. That just means I enjoy writing. But having readers would be my joy. My photos are mostly from my Iphone, a few are my husbands, a very few from a free website. I do hope you will let me know that you dropped by and please share my posts with your friends. My desire is that something you read here will benefit you and bring glory to my Savior.