3 Reasons For You to Love WMU

What is missions? Have you ever wondered this? The WMU(Woman’s Missionary Union)website proclaims, “For more than 125 years, WMU has devoted itself to making disciples of Jesus who live on mission. We are dedicated to working with churches and believers to accomplish the mission of God.” And I believe it! There is nothing on the planet like WMU. untitled design

That’s why in 2017, I decided Buried Treasures Home, where I and my husband serve, needed a WMU circle. Buried Treasures Home is a residential home for women that is focused on transition from prison and addiction; transformation of mind, body and spirit; and trusting God, self and others. Discipleship is the main tool for transformation and a WMU circle was needed to cultivate hearts for missions done in Jesus’ name. To expose the women to God’s heart for the world, for them to learn about people groups all over the world, and to give them opportunities to do mission projects in the world was my motivation. You see, selflessness is the cure for addiction. And missions is the method to the cure.

So why WMU?

  • It’s eternal – You can serve the world in the name of Jesus, and your work will have eternal impact and investment.
  • It’s easy – You can start your own circle or start WMU at your church. The national WMU website, http://wmu.com/ has all the information you need.
  • It’s effective – You can be involved in God’s mission for this earth and influence your community and world.

It’s been my joy since 2017 to introduce each lady to Gospel minded women of the past and women of the present who passionately carry the Gospel. They may carry it to their local hospital or police station or to foreign lands. And how they choose to take it can be as creative as the color wheel and as vivid as the smell of a gardenia. These women are leaving the fragrance of Christ everywhere. The local news doesn’t necessarily cover their work, but thank God for Mission Mosaic magazine, which does.

When the Buried Treasures Home circle meets each month, the ladies read their written reports of favorite stories from the magazine. Then we pray for the missionaries and sometimes send cards to them. We have a map we roll out in hopes of finding the corner of the world where some are serving in the name of Jesus. There is no other motivation for a missionary to leave everything they know to go to a foreign land except their love for Jesus and for the sake of the Gospel.

It was thrilling this year when a lady turned in her usual discipleship work, but this time, she opened the binder as she handed it to me, and pointed at the pocket to an extra paper for me to read. Back in my office, before checking her discipleship, my curiosity led me to pull the other writing from the pocket. The content of this letter is precious, but the heart of the message is priceless. Her words explained why I started the WMU circle at Buried Treasures Home. My heart is grateful for this lady who got it. I believe others have also, this one just wrote about it. Do you have a heart for missions? Start your own circle and take others on your mission journey every month. Do you have a WMU at your church, or are you in a WMU circle? How does missions impact your life? Leave a comment below or on Facebook and enjoy reading this essay from a Buried Treasures Home heart stirred for missions. Her words are here. Heart for Missions

 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. Matthew 24:14