Blueberry pickin’

untitled.pngOne of the joys of summer is the variety of gardens, trees, and bushes that produce lovely treats straight from God’s hand. Until I came to live on the property of Buried Treasures Home, I’d never picked blueberries. Now, every June, I look forward to this pleasure.

The harvest is plentiful this year, and they are ready to pick faster than we’re able to pick them.5bc7db6004efeba50f5e43260352770c

I’ve learned from this experience that you don’t pick them when they are blue. Wait for the frosty coating. If you pick them blue, they won’t be plump and will be tart to taste.

So this is my advice…

  • When you see them blue, just wait another day or two. Revisit. When you see the frosty coating, you will barely need to touch them and they will come tapping down into the bowl.
  • Another tip is to hold the bowl under the bunch that you are picking so that you lose none to the ground.
  • If you plan to freeze them, don’t wash them. Wait until you are ready to use them.

Enjoy your blueberries on cereal, in salads, as an ice cream topping, or all by themselves.

Do you have any tips on blueberries, picking them, healthy recipes? Please share in the comment section below.

Happy blueberry picking!

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  1. So many try to grow these here, but they rarely do well. Nurseries continue to sell the plants, despite the mild winters and mostly slightly alkaline soils. (Soils are mostly slightly alkaline, but are also quite variable in our region.) Huckleberries are native, but are rarely grown. They are no substitute for eastern blueberries anyway.

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