Lamb of God

It’s Holy Week. A contemplative yet joyous week for all who believe in Jesus, trust Him with their lives, and show Him their love through obedience. This poem is one I wrote a few years ago.


Lamb of God

O Lamb of God, so pure and sinless
Thank you for your love so endless.
No other could have died that day.

O Lamb of God, who paid my way
To heavens glory I’ll go one day;
To worship you in peace and love
Sweet Lamb of God, to you I fall.

Oh Lamb of God, perfect offering
Your blood flowed on that day.
But death couldn’t keep you, no.
You rose from the grave.

O Lamb of God, what can I do,
To let you know my love for you?
Live life in fellowship with me,
Do this daily and you’ll be free.

O Lamb of God who took my place
By grace, now I can see your face.
You washed me clean that day, it’s true
And now I choose to live for you.

By Valerie Rumfelt

©Valerie Rumfelt

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  1. That is a lovely poem, Valerie. But I am confused about the site. What does the blog address mean. “itsallaboutther” ?? Is that a new site for your writing? Why is it spelled with two t’s at the end?

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