God is Bigger Than Your Thanksgiving Stress

As a follower of Jesus, this thrills my soul to think that my God and my Savior, and my Redeemer is active even in the dark of night!

The Saturday before Thanksgiving. A disruption of our usual routine. Adjustments will happen this week, and the week will be different. Shorter hours at work, more cooking than usual, more errands. More thoughts, more expectations. Maybe more family and friends, maybe more quiet than usual, less rest, or perhaps more rest. A holiday week in America is here, and we look out onto the next few days, and we think we know what might happen, but sometimes the unexpected occurs, good or bad.

Supposedly a meteor shower occurred while we were sleeping. Isn’t that just like God? Even while we sleep, He is sending showers of blessing, announcing His presence, His all-knowing, incomprehensible intervention, mediation, and celebratory cheering into our lives!

How can this be? My soul thrills to think of my Savior, Creator God, active even in the night when my defenses are asleep. I wonder what it looked like in the transcendent space as this event took place. How much planning went into sending earth such a phenomenon? Just another exclamation point from Him to all the inhabitants on the globe proclaiming, “I’m here. I perform big things. I not only speak them into existence, but I also created each one.”

Years ago, Clark and I decided to wake up and venture into the cool night to attend a predicted and most spectacular meteor shower. If I never see another, that shower’s memory will linger as a most unusual sight and experience; an honor to witness. Each of our oculus uterque took in a supernatural display of light and speed, combined with incalculable distance in dark space! We got to see it. At times during the exhibition, we thought one might hit us! We perceived them to be falling that close to our low and humble presence. We watched hundreds of them light up the sky, and no fireworks can ever compare.

Heaven is declaring God’s glory; the sky is proclaiming His handiwork. Psalm 19:1

As we anticipate the week to come, whether it be lonely, or filled with joy or even pain, our God is still amazing. In all His glory, He faithfully chooses to light up the sky for all who wish to look up and see His glory so evident in His creation.

©Valerie Rumfelt

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9 thoughts on “God is Bigger Than Your Thanksgiving Stress”

  1. Love this, Valerie! Thank you for helping me adjust my mindset as we enter the holiday season. I love the holidays with the 3 of us (Tony, Sadie, and I), but I am getting spiritually “hung up” on what could be if my family would change their minds about Jesus. I can't change one bit of the situation. On the outside, I am handling it well, the decorations, food, and traditions are all in place…but my heart feels a lacking and an occasional pang of sadness if I sit and think too long. I believe a good dose of being grateful for God's abundant blessings will do my spirit good and set me right.


  2. Well their spiritual condition is something to be sober minded about and sad. I'm sure your thoughts for OTHERS is pleasing to God. Maybe some of your traditions will be impactful in their lives. Thanks for sharing, Dawn.


  3. Thank you . I needed this. Separated from family this year, due to virus and feeling low. Daughter had a COVID scare, but her test was negative. Thank you, God. My best to you and Clark.


    1. Nancy, so glad these thoughts could bless and comfort you. Thank you for reading. Just want to remind you I have Free Printables on this site of Simple Studies and other encouragements to keep up your spirit. These are at the top of the page or they may be under Menu. Happy Thanksgiving. valerie


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