The Night of the Earthquake

We were still watching orientation videos and reading articles about our new home. The survival video in case of a massive earthquake and other related disasters was a bit intense, but my eyes were wide open to the information alert. It was a lot to take in; nevertheless, we were making a list of all suggested items for a GO BAG, and we were on a trajectory to get all the necessary supplies. We’d had smatterings of conversations with others about the 2011 earthquake (its tenth anniversary commemorated this past week). It had us thinking. We were trying to get prepared. Perhaps we’d already experienced a few tremors, unaware! This was way more earthquake talk than I wanted to hear, even though preparation was on our minds.And then it happened. Sitting on our couch one Saturday afternoon at about 2:10, the couch and the iPad on my lap moved from side to side like soft jello when it hits the plate. The shift lasted long enough for me to understand what was happening. I’d say eight to ten seconds. Once things were still, I said, “Well, Lord, I guess that was a tremor.” Clark did not feel it in the other room. After I documented it, I went on about my day. Since this happened during the day, you know this is not the occurrence that gives this blog its title.

I love scripture writing. I have several blogs devoted to this topic and recommend this practice to anyone who loves the Lord.

Psalm 4:8 ~In peace, I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety.

The verse above was the third one I’d scribbled down before heading into one of the deepest nights of sleep I can remember. I am no deep sleeper, nor do I write scripture every night. At 11:08 pm was when the movement began. I could not figure out what in the world the sensation was that seemed big, all over the room, and wouldn’t stop. The room shook from side to side. 20 – 30 seconds later, it stopped, and my husband and I marveled at the fact we’d experienced an earthquake. You notice I didn’t say our first earthquake. Let’s not go there. Later we learned its impact was only a four to five! The epicenter up north experienced a seven. Would you believe after we chatted, I again returned to sleep peacefully all night? For all who find that unthinkable, I do too. Shefali Lincoln

God’s power evident in our lives that night brings comfort for the future. The preparation for this peace started before the event. His tender loving care of not only our lives and our new dwelling place but over our minds and spirits is a blessed and wonderful promise realized in those late at night moments.

Update: Another quake occurred on Saturday evening, March 20th, 2021, after dinner, a little after 6pm. This was a 3 on the scale but lasted more than 30 seconds.

UPDATE: We’ve had many more earthquakes. No catastrophic ones.

©Valerie Rumfelt

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5 thoughts on “The Night of the Earthquake”

  1. Well done, Valerie! We lived through the big San Francisco earthquake in 1989. We could see the Oakland Bridge collapsed on top of itself. How wonderful for the peace you have experienced! God IS so GOOD!

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  2. So thankful for HIS PEACE and PROTECTION always covering you and Pastor Clark. Real life application of HIS WORD and HIS PROMISES! Love you both 💕

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  3. God does take care of us. I’ve been through several earthquakes in California. I think God sometimes gives us a ‘earthquake’ to wake us up.

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