Destinations Matter

For a decade or more, my husband and I led a Bible study in an apartment complex community room every Tuesday night. The gathering was part of our weekly life, much like going to the grocery store. We did this because a resident in the complex requested we come there because she said the residents needed hope. When we learned of this, the timing was perfect since we were new in the community and trying to build relationships and a reputation to birth a church. Establishing small groups was part of that strategy, so this invitation fit the vision. The years in the apartment complex yielded a harvest of Christ-followers, some precious friends, and vivid memories.This story is about one particular night my husband showed a religious Christmas film to the residents in that room. This movie is a cinematically beautiful one, with music riveting its viewers to the story throughout the film.

At the conclusion, the Gospel was presented. The room was hushed as each was hanging on every word my husband spoke. It was clear the Spirit was working after the dramatic depiction of Jesus’ birth in the movie. I thought surely no one could possibly resist the palpable presence of the Spirit and prayed that no one would.

A time of prayer was offered to give anyone a chance to ask Jesus into their heart. Immediately after, since the room was quiet, it was easy to hear a very old gentleman talking to his wife. As he shared at a volume for his wife to hear him, some overheard him say that now they knew for the first time how to get to heaven.

Everyone at their table called my husband over as the man, and his wife signed their commitment card, which stated they’d prayed to receive Christ. All around understood the significance of what had occurred.This lifelong Catholic couple was in their 90’s. He’d been a high school teacher in the community for his adult life. But for those few moments in this community room, he recognized that stability in a community or a significant career would help him get to heaven. He realized that his need for stability, for certainty, would not come from anything he had done. It all became clear to him that salvation in Jesus was the only way to heaven.From that point on, this couple came to Bible study faithfully. Within a few months, the husband died.

Did it matter that we’d been obedient to that invitation to teach at the complex? Yes. Did it matter that this dear, aged couple learn about the One who could save their soul? Yes. Do spiritual destinations matter? Yes. Does God give each person on earth the dignity of choice when it comes to where they will spend eternity? Yes.

As believers In Jesus, some of our decisions are vital and life-changing for other people’s lives. It is important to be open to where God leads. It is important to walk in the Spirit, so you don’t miss opportunities. Where you choose to go could have a direct impact on someone else’s destination for eternity.

Jesus answered, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father, except by me. John 14:6

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14 thoughts on “Destinations Matter”

  1. That was a sweet retelling of a wonderful story. I remember when that happened and it seemed to me that if that had been the only fruit of the ministry at Westerly it was worth it all! I like the pictures with hydrangeas and Mr. Rabbit.

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    1. Thank you, Carol. The rabbit picture is from Westerly. The hydrangeas of the last picture from Tokyo. Westerly carries precious memories. May God be praised.


  2. Precious story. Yet another example that God is ALWAYS at work in your life even if you are not aware of it. Being obedient matters. Thank you for sharing. And the pictures are lovely. The hydrangeas look that in MS now.

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  3. It’s such a wonderful story.Thank you for sharing.When I read the story my mind went to my Mom I pray that I would have a chance to go back to see her again and talk to her more about our Jesus.I know that she already accepted Him but I still love to talk to her about Him.
    I love and miss you both

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