Easy Ideas for Your Deck Garden

IMG_5400I’m determined to get a jump on my gardens this year. One of the garden places is our deck. It can be viewed from the interior of our house through the kitchen window. Beauty is essential here. My hope for this year is to plant more plants, have more ferns, and more decorations. I desire to have a lush and enchanting garden space for my husband and I to delight in. The key to a deck garden is to make it feel like a room, a place of rest. If you are starting a deck garden this season, I can tell you what I did, and maybe my ideas will help you.

  • Get bright-colored containers since they stand out. A variety of shapes and sizes add creative flare. Spray paint can refresh older pots. Put the containers at different levels on the deck to create interest.
  • Purchase potting soil and fertilizer and annuals. All are inexpensive. Plant as soon as you can. This ensures that you can enjoy flourishing beauty as long as your season lasts.
  • Look for decorations. I found an R initial. It was designed to look old, so it weathers well outside. Other embellishments like dragonflies on springs, and birds dangling on wire hang near the deck space. Decorative, metal garden stakes go in pots. Frog and mushroom figurines poised by plants cheer them to grow.  To contribute to a charming growth space, I have butterfly and bird clamps clipped to sides of pots. Turtles and rabbit figurines sitting quietly around the deck have all contributed to an appealing growth space. A cheerful flag announcing spring is hung from a stake.  And don’t forget, lights can be easily strung from hooks. Most decorations were purchased at Dollar Tree or Tuesday Morning.
  • You can purchase an all-weather rug online which anchors any furniture and gives the deck that room feel. Outdoor pillows also contribute to a feeling of coziness and a place of refuge. These are $5 at Walmart year around.

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Whatever time you spend in the beginning setting the stage for your deck is well worth it. You don’t need the perfect space to achieve these results. Our deck needs repair and could use a coat of wood sealer. But, by the time I finish decorating and the plants flourish, the deck will be an uplifting, restful place. Any deficiencies will be forgotten.

I think the same ideas could be implemented on a patio or sunroom. Expense is minimal compared to the results. Never over water,  fertilize regularly, and yes, talk to your plants. And talk to God about your plants, after all, He’s the one that makes all things grow.

Happy deck gardening!

“I need no friends. I have my Bible and my flowers, that’s enough.” Samson in One Foot In Heaven

©Valerie Rumfelt


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