Unique Gift Idea for May

my personal Scripture Jar

The month of May can be chock-full of occasions coming at us at warp speed. Let me share a gift idea that will keep on giving long after its given.

Last fall, a group of ladies from a local Baptist church came to Buried Treasures Home to put on a Daughter of the King party. This party was deeply spiritual for one reason alone.

It was a theme inspired by God’s Word and focused totally on who we are because of Him.

The church ladies came early to transform a room that is typically used for everyday purposes. They made the space remarkable, and enchanting. The result felt was pure love. We were given tiaras to wear and served a meal fit for a daughter of the King. For a little while, we were transported from our world to a reminder of the world to come for all who love our King.

Scripture Jars were given to each of us who live at Buried Treasures Home. One church lady had the desire to make these jars so that we would all have verses that in her words, “speak life, love, freedom, peace and worth to each person.” You may want to make one for a very special person in your life. So recently, she shared how she made these jars.

  • Find a jar – embellish using stretchy string and a jewel, or write their name with a paint pen, or hot glue embellishments
  • Google for verses – copy to a Word document, then personalize verses- (see picture below). Print the pages of verses
  • Cut and fold verse strips
  • Provide a small bag for verses once pulled from jar

Can’t you imagine a mother appreciating this unique and thoughtful present? And what a useful gift for a graduate going off to college.  I can see this on a dorm dresser. My jar is on my office desk. I love it being there. Each time I pull a verse, the reminder on that slip of paper warms my soul.

Since most everything can be found in your home, this is easy to make. Some time is involved, but probably not as much as you’d use shopping for a gift. This investment is eternal. It can’t help but be given from your heart. Mine is cherished and that is why I wanted to share it with you.


The one I pulled from my jar today

© Valerie Rumfelt


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