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Back on April 10th, I published this post Easy ideas for your deck garden. At that time, I was just beginning to plant annuals. Having only a few minutes here and there to devote to this project, a little over a month later, it has progressed, but is not quite finished. I’m pleased so far with the creative process, and the result. Not everyone has a kitchen window, but since we do, it’s been a priority to make what we view out that window relaxing, and lovely. So I thought today, I’d post some pictures and give you a list of the annuals planted so far. Hopefully, this information will help you make an attractive space near by.

The list of annuals so far on the deck are as follows: Primrose, Portulaca, Geranium, Rose, Jasmine, Hosta, Vinca, Impatiens, Verbena, Petunia,Begonia, and Coleus. I am no master gardener. I enjoy the cause and effect of gardening and the creativity a beautiful one requires. Since we direct a 24/7 ministry, this activity is a relaxing venture that doesn’t consume much time.

In case you’re wondering if I talk to my plants… Well, I do talk to God about my plants when I’m tending to them. When I water, I use the mist selection on the hose. Watering takes place in the morning or in the evening.

I have plans to add more geraniums and a few more plants to some of my existing pots. If you’re wondering if I fertilize, yes, according to the fertilizer recommendations. So it is almost the middle of May, not too late to start your own colorful, growing experience. Annuals and potting soil are some of the least inexpensive items in any store. The blessing that comes is gratifying and a simple source of pleasure. No green thumb required, just a few pots, potting soil and some annuals and you are ready to start an experiment that will last months and make you smile. I Corinthians 3:6 refers to people, but can have application to any growth when it states…but God made it grow.  God is happy with my pastime. He is the author of it all…

And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything. Genesis 9:3



© Valerie Rumfelt

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      1. Oh, you are welcome. I just happen to like geraniums, and have never grown them intentionally as annuals, although some of the fanciest ones are so weak that they may as well be annuals. I tend to keep some plants longer than I should.


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