July’s Gentle Breezes

Mississippi can be blazing hot. Add to that some reasonably high humidity levels, and it’s downright uncomfortable most days of summer. This morning, however, I felt a breeze. It wasn’t a hot, dry breeze either. It had a cooler nature to it and was strong enough to provide relief from a well-established heat at an early hour.


Have you been outside your house or office today and taken in the canvas that God the Creator has provided for you? Sometimes we need to leave the routine and list and just go outside for a conscious, intentional break. As I was walking up to meet the ladies of Buried Treasures Home and see how their day was already going, it was then I decided we all needed a break. This is what I did on that break:

I wooed them out of their comfort and quiet into the outdoors, and we all stood around one another.

I gave quiet verbal prompts:

“Shut your eyes and then spread out your arms.”

“What do you feel right now? Not an emotion, but what do you feel around you?” One said, “I feel a breeze.” I knew then, this would be a successful, spiritual exercise. Another said, “I feel heat.”

Then it was silent. I’m sure they were wondering what would happen next. Sometimes they don’t know what to think of me, and that’s okay. My next prompt…

“What do you hear?” They spoke of sounds being made my frogs and insects, a lawn mower buzzing in the distance, and cars swishing by.

More silence.

“What do you feel under your feet?” One blurted out, “solid ground.” I noted it was indeed solid, but it wasn’t smooth. As I was experiencing along with them, it seemed like every piece of gravel had its distinct position under my feet.

more silence…

Then aloud, I thanked God for letting us be here, this day, to do His will. I marveled at His timing, His good works, His creation before us. Others chimed in, but mostly we were silent, again…

Then we opened our eyes.untitled design-5

The sky seemed a deeper blue than it was before. The trees greener. Our perception of things we see every day, all the time, was now changed.

We took notice of the clouds. As we scanned the sky, each cloud was conveying a message of weightless glory. The One who made those lovely, overly stuffed masses of fluff is here, watching out for us, never missing a thing.

Then we breathed in and out and thanked the Lord for His goodness.

When it was over, I believe we had a brighter view of things, a load lifted, an appreciation once again for our sovereign God. Our hope in Him brightened.

untitled4Can this creative exercise do all this? I believe it can. It wasn’t like I’d missed my Quiet Time this morning. I had not. As a matter of fact, I had read He set eternity in every human heart (Ecclesiastes 3:11). That concept is too much to fathom as well!

One lady was pondering. She appreciated the coming away, taking notice of God’s creation, being reminded of His timing and appreciating His glory in all our lives.img_0140

You can do this same exercise with a Christian friend at work, with your grandchildren that are coming to your house today. Stopping, listening, learning to be silent a few minutes. These things hold intrinsic value and teach those around us God is in control. We are not. He is God, we are not. He is to be worshiped and praised, we are not.

Seems the gentle breeze was quite powerful. It ushered in a reverence for God the Creator. The Creator of those billowy clouds is still creating in our lives as His children. But, we have to take notice, listen, and worship Him.

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
    for His compassions never fail.

They are new every morning;
    great is YOUR faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:22-23

©Valerie Rumfelt

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