A Simple Oil Change

Recently a few minutes taken to run errands turned into an eternal, life changing assignment. My husband and I pulled into an oil and lube shop for an oil change. Making my way to the customer waiting room, Clark joined me in a few minutes. Little did I know then, but Clark had given tracts to 3 workers and shared his 20 second personal testimony of how he came to faith in Christ.

Once the oil change was finished, we walked to our vehicle to leave. It was then that  a couple of the workers called out to Clark to ask him a question. You see, the Holy Spirit had been working from the time of Clark’s witness to the point of us leaving. Once they had Clark’s attention the question presented was…

“If you don’t believe in God, how do you have eternal life?”

Immediately realizing the nature of that question, I murmured, “oh wow” and got in the vehicle. It was clear to me that this was Clark’s assignment then and there. Mine was to pray.

Clark walked to the men and soon he was squatted down with them in the shop.img_6784

Being too far away to distinguish words, my prayers continued. Excitement was building in my heart. Discreetly,  from inside the vehicle, the above picture was taken.

Soon the tracts they were given when we first arrived were unfolded. In a few minutes, their heads were bowed.  Straining to listen in, one was reading the salvation prayer on the back of the tract. Then Clark said, “Do you believe that?” Watching them both nod and say yes was compelling.

After this, all 3 stood. Aware of the setting and not wanting to draw unnecessary attention, I approached them to ask if a picture was alright for me to take. Even as the picture was snapped another worker was yelling for them to get back to work.

Clark will soon take copies of the picture to these 2 new brothers in Christ. We believe in spiritual birthdays, the day people pray to ask Jesus to come live in their heart. Having this picture will be a reminder of their special day.

What started out as a simple oil change turned into a diagnostic heart change.

What can be learned from this story?

  • The Holy Spirit will go before us and prepare people for our witness.
  • Our obedience to share the gospel of Jesus is critical.
  • Timing is everything. Clark had 3-5 minutes to see those men through the gospel to understanding, but it was all the time needed.
  • Christians can share the gospel in every day places.
  • Christians don’t have to go on a mission trip to share the gospel.
  • Because these men accepted the free gift of salvation, they are on their way to heaven.
  • They are now our brothers in Christ.

Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation.” Mark 16:15.

©Valerie Rumfelt

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